Looking for an amazing birthday or anniversary gift? 
Want to get married to a song about your love story?
Would you like to honor the memory of a loved one?
I write custom songs for any and all purposes.
Let me sing your story.
Through all my years of songwriting, it has always been my heart to serve others through my music. In fact, my greatest desire is that my music would become a friend to you. It would be that one friend that never judges you, who makes you feel just a tad less lonely in this world. That shameless friend that jams out with you on road trips. The one that sits in the car with you for as long as you want while you process every emotion in your body. 
That’s always been my heart. But now, as I embark on this new journey of writing custom songs based on the stories of others, I get to serve my clients on a whole different level of specificity and intentionality. It is such a special experience and connection I get to have with each person I work with. I get to come inside your head, pray for you, and write the song you need, from your perspective! 
Over the years, in my own personal songwriting, I’ve always told people who inquired about my songwriting that I have a very specific source of inspiration. I tell them that “I wrote the song I needed.” I needed a song to get me through that season of my life. I needed a song to walk me through healing and show me things would be okay. I needed a song to express love to others in a way that spoken words could not. I needed a song to worship and rejoice with.
What is the song you need in this season? Do you need to tell your one true love exactly how you feel? Do you need to mourn and heal, but your body does not know how? What is the story in your life that needs to be told? 
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Brianna Gaither

Freelance Custom Songwriter

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© 2016 by Brianna Gaither. Photography by Hannah Rhymes.